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Release agent for the areas

The automotive sector is one of Bomix’s focus markets. For more than 40 years We invest in research and development, as well as in building up expertise in this area. Area. Our Release agent for steering wheels and cable foaming, as well as our IMC for polyurethane engine covers have approvals with almost all OEMs worldwide.

We are eager to present our customers with the latest innovations and to carry out joint developments with you. We are highly motivated always new Challenges to master!

Environmental aspects and sustainability are at the forefront of our development. Water-based Products are a must. We develop and formulate our products with lowest VOC content. We intensively consider the global automotive regulations and REACH labels to make our products ever safer and more more future-proof for the user. design. This includes, among other things, a very precise selection of biocides or the Catalysis.

Product range

BOMIX release agents and IMC are well established in the demanding automotive industry because they meet the extremely high quality requirements and short development cycles. In addition to process reliability, our products also ensure functional properties such as haptics and appearance.