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In our download center you will find useful additional and Detailed information. Our product profiles for the individual technologies or Applications provide you with compact information about opportunities, achievable specifications or standards. If necessary, you can already select a product here you would like to discuss with one of our experts. would like to. You will find furthermore our product questionnaires for IMC, release agents and PU pastes. Transmit these with your information to us. This is the quickest way for us to provide you with the recommend the best product for your application and move into implementation.


Product Questionnaire Release Agent

Product questionnaire top coat

Product Questionnaire IMC (In-Mold Coating)

Product Questionnaire Paste

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Flyer: Bomix Coatings

Flyer: Bomix Fingerprint Technology

Flyer: Bomix Functional Surfaces

Flyer: Bomix engine covers

Flyer: Bomix Mould Coatings

Flyer: Pigment preparations

Flyer: Release Agent Solutions

Flyer: Release Agents in the Mobility Sector

Flyer: Release Agent Shoes