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Polyurethane components in the field of medicine and hygiene have to meet very special requirements. Bomix Chemie has many years of experience in this field. We offer appropriate release agents, IMC, as well as PU pastes and cleaners. In addition we can assist you to further optimize your process as well as implement ideas and innovations. Of course we also customize our products according to your requirements.

Product range

For the versatile applications of wheels, WC seats, surgical pads, medical chairs and arm and back cushions, Bomix offers PU pastes combined with IMC and varnish systems – equipped with highly functional properties.

We offer you another special feature with the combination of coloration and precisely matched additional properties such as abrasion resistance, antimicrobial finish, slip resistance as well as soft-feel and structural effect.

Special systems for highly flexible foams up to Shore hardness > 15 complete our variety of solutions.