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Automotive Interior

To produce low-density foam parts such as armrests, center consoles, pillows and seats, release agents containing solvents or significant amounts of solvents are commonly used.

Bomix-Chemie now offers you a revolutionary alternative in the form of water-based release agents with very low VOC content. The application of our innovative release agent leads to a significant reduction in VOC emissions. This allows you to significantly reduce theCO2 footprint in manufacturing such as seats.

Worried about the weak bondability of water-based release agents?

Bomix takes away your worries.

Until now, the bonding of textiles has been a major problem, especially with flexible foam parts, as it was first necessary to clean off the release agent residues in a time-consuming process. Our release agents are characterized by excellent bondability. This can be optimized even further through application technology adjustments.

Our development focuses on highly concentrated products, which often leads us to reduce the consumption quantity of our water-based products to 1/3 to even half.