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Mold Cleaner

You are not into long cleaning cycles during production?

Neither do we.

Our Bomix® Mould Cleaners make a significant contribution to speeding up the mold cleaning process. Bomix all-round products powerfully clean molds of PU buildup, in-mold coating overspray and release agent residues without being corrosive or damaging your mold material. Mixing heads and screws can also be efficiently cleaned with Bomix® Mould Cleaner 60/6109.

In our Allrounder, we only use substances with a low hazard potential. As a result, you can significantly increase safety in your workplace, minimize hazards and reduce the emission of toxic pollutants.

Our Bomix® mold cleaners are also available with a more viscous setting. This allows your molds to be cleaned better in vertical positioning or “overhead” as the exposure time is extended. We recommend wiping with a liquid mold cleaner afterwards.

The viscous Bomix Mould Cleaners can also be used as an ideal complement to dry ice cleaning. Pre-treatment with our cleaner enables easier and, above all, gentler cleaning of the mold surface, as the good dissolving power of the cleaner shortens the dry ice treatment.