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Bomix® Mould Cleaner 60/6109 – extraordinary cleaning performance with safe and eco-friendly formulation.

Focus on sustainability and efficiency brings this Bomix “all-rounder” product onto a new level. Reduced cleaning time and process reliability are only two of the many advantages.

Quick and cost-effective production is fundamental for business success. Especially, long cleaning cycles have a significant impact on productivity. Bomix® Mould Cleaner 60/6109 provides a significant contribution to speed up the mould cleaning process. It powerfully cleans tools from PU adhesions, In-Mould-Coating overspray and release agent residues without causing any corrosive effect or damage on the mould material. Furthermore, injection heads and PU-screws can be cleaned efficiently using Bomix® Mould Cleaner 60/6109. The usage of harmless substances and substances with low hazard potential enables the user to significantly increase workplace safety, minimizing hazards and reducing emission of toxic pollutants. Besides, the low hazard content classifies the product as “non-dangerous good” in terms of transportation and allows simple logistic and safe storage conditions.

- Economic usage: High active content, less consumption, cost-effective
- Reliability: Good applicability, reduced downtime, higher output
- Sustainability: Reduced cleaning time, increased efficiency
- Broad application range: Mould cleaning, mixing head and screw cleaning

Former Mould Cleaner vs. Bomix® Mould Cleaner 60/6109         

Former Mould Cleaner
H226       Flammable liquid an vapour.
H315       Causes skin irritation.
H318       Causes serious eye damage.
H317       May cause an allergic skin reaction.
H360       May damage the unborn child. Suspected of damaging fertility.
H304       May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways.
H411       Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Bomix® Mould Cleaner 60/6109
H319       Causes serious eye irritation.


Look into the attached video, visualising the remarkable comparison of two mould surfaces.

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