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Product News #4_2020


BOMIX SETS ITS FINGERPRINT.   Bomix launches an additive technology enabling irreproducible product identification through fingerprint marker!

Individual, invisible and traceable - Bomix® Fingerprint Additive applies a tamper-proof marking to plastic parts protecting for counterfeited products. The additive can be used in combination with Bomix® Coatings or Bomix® Mould Coatings. Furthermore the wide application window allows the additive to be mixed into the foam system via paste or using it directly in your system/process. 

The marking is non-visible only activated by UV light. The identification process can be done in two different ways: On the one hand, the sensory identification which allows for detection of the additive within seconds using a mobile sensor. On the other hand, detection can be performed using a patented laboratory-based analysis procedure. With this method even traces of additive can be detected which enables for a forensic analysis.
For both detection methods a data cloud software is available, which allows for identifying further details (e.g. batch number, production location etc.) – globally accessible!

Using Bomix® Fingerprint Additive, plastic parts can be clearly identified in a tamper- and court-proof manner. The easy and flexible handling and addition in coatings, In-Mould-Coatings or pastes are conclusive. Even small coated areas or printed lettering (logos or claims), are enough for a reliable recognition. Areas of application open up in markets with brand name products for Lifestyle (e.g. footwear, furniture), Mobility, Building & Construction and Health.

- Tamper- and court-proof marking
- Optically non-visible
- High level of physical stability, temperature resistance up to 1800°C (forensic analysis)
- Process neutral, universally applicable
- Chemically and toxicologically harmless
- Individual adjustments according to your demands


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