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Product News #1_2020


BOMIX LAUNCHES A GLUEABLE/PAINTABLE RELEASE AGENT. Save up to 57 years of production time!


You need to produce 5.000.000 high quality polyurethane moulded parts per year for the automotive industry.

For demoulding, you need a release agent.


All of these parts need to be leathered or painted afterwards.

Removing the release agent is crucial for these post processes.

For removing the release material you need up to 6 minutes time with strong effort, dust formation and potential use of hazardous cleaning agents.


With BOMIX glueable/paintable release agent adjusted to your application you reduce or remove this cleaning step.

These products have excellent release properties, are environmental friendly, water-based with low VOC-content and available globally with consistent quality.

If you like to save 5.000.000 x 6 minutes = 57 years of production time please contact us! Mail:, Tel.: 0049 2504 924 0


See also attached video with conventional/not glueable release agent (LEFT)  

and BOMIX glueable release agent (RIGHT) in view of glue/leather adhesion.