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Special Applications.

Particular products require special solutions with lots of creativity and innovation. Hereinafter we introduce you to special product solutions from Bomix, which offer both protection as well as added value for your products.


Bomix® Fingerprint Technology

Protection against plagiarism and safety along the value chain play an overriding role for manufacturers of high-quality and safety-relevant products. Product pirates cause multi-billion losses in damage every year when complaints of imitation products from original manufacturer have to be processed at high costs. To counteract this, Bomix offers an intelligent marking solution in the form of Bomix® Fingerprint Additive. Thereby plastic parts are clearly, tamper-proof and forensicly marked.

By polyurethane components, the incorporation of Bomix® Fingerprint Additives into coatings, In-Mould-Coatings or pigment preparations enables a simple implementation into the end product. The outstanding properties of the Bomix® Fingerprint Additive include forensic recognition via a sensory identification method by means of a handy scanner, chemically inert behaviour and temperature resistance of the marker component up to 1800°C (forensic analysis).

Bomix® Fingerprint Additive creates a irreproducible fingerprint. Even small areas or lettering are enough for a safe recognition. Ideal areas of application are found in markets with branded products within Lifestyle (e.g. footwear, furniture), Mobility, Building & Construction as well as Health/REHA.


Bomix® Skin Coat

Open-cell foams such as foam padding, flexible foam and block foam pose a specific challenge for coating or finish.

Bomix offers a skinning coating - Bomix® Skin Coat - for these special foam systems, which can be adapted to the foam part depending on the requirements. The coating is applied in a 2-layer spraying process with air pressure spray gun. The first layer creates a skin on the open-cell foam surface. The second layer can consist of a 1- or 2-component coating system, depending on the requirements for the surface. The final coating is abrasion-resistant, rubber-elastic and has a remarkable stretchability up to 400%.

Special requirements such as chemical or disinfectant resistance as well as haptic properties can be achieved when applying a topcoat, e.g. a water-based Bomix® Soft-feel Coating. The colour scheme can be offered according to the customer's wishes. For this purpose, information as regards to RAL, RAL Design, NCS, Pantone or your own colour patterns is used.


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