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Bomix® PU-Pastes.

Bomix Chemie GmbH supplies Bomix® PU-Pastes for the direct colouring of polyurethane-foams. The optimised dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments in suitable base materials guarantees a constant uniform quality.  

The Bomix® PU-Pastes can be incorporated into a wide range of PU-systems. They are suitable for mixing-head feed and can be supplied in differing viscosity levels.  

Bomix matches the products exactly after receiving the customer's request (RAL, RAL Design, HKS, Pantone, NCS or their colour samples). Depending on specific requirements; the foams can have additional characteristics such as improved UV-stability.  

With tailor-made products and the option to supply also small quantities; Bomix offers optimised solutions.


Detlev Backschat
Director R & D

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