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Bomix® Mould Coatings.

In-Mould-Coating (IMC) has been established as a cost-efficient and high value-added technology. It offers an integrated form of surface refinement.  

By the use of Bomix® Mould Coating systems; high-cost pre-treatment and post-painting are no longer required. Mould temperatures over 40°C make the use of water based IMC-systems possible. As a result the use of organic solvents can be avoided.  

Using the IMC-procedure; good results are obtained as regards to flexibility (shore hardness A > 15), abrasion resistant and release friendliness. Functional IMC-systems (e.g. flame-retardant, conductivity, surface texture, anti-microbial properties) complete the offer.  

Bomix Chemie GmbH offers all colour blends and systems as well as colour matching after receiving customers’ samples. Small quantities are available, when needed.


Detlev Backschat
Director R & D

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