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News Q2, 2019


Trade fair News and Product development

ISL and Bomix join their forces at the PSE Europe 2019.

The PSE Europe 2019 – with its special areas on the subject of sustainability and recycling – took place in Munich from March 26th-28th. ISL and Bomix participated in this trade fair for the first time in order to make joint use of a new polyurethane exhibition forum in addition to the UTECH Europe. At the strategically well-positioned joint stand No. 420, close to well-known companies such as the Frimo Group, KraussMaffei and Rühl Puromer, ISL and Bomix presented innovative product solutions.

The exhibitor portfolio of Bomix set focus on Bomix® Release Agents with ultra-matte surfaces, individual haptics and low VOC content. Bomix® Coatings and Bomix® Mould Coatings with a focus on functional and design refinement, such as soft feel-/anti-slip effects, conductivity, flame retardance, chemical resistance, biocompatibility and antimicrobial features were fascinating topics for many visitors. The Bomix® Fingerprint System, which can be used to achieve invisible, non-copyable product identification - without affecting product quality - was presented as well. All solutions are custom-made and adding value to products from the markets Mobility, Lifestyle (footwear and furniture), Building & Construction and Health/Reha.

Another highlight was the presentation at the PSE Europe’s seminar forum on March 26th, 2019 about Bomix® Release Agents with the subject “Sustainable release agents’ development”. The presentation was very well-attended and according to the trade fair organiser, Mack Brooks Exhibitions, "a great enrichment for the fair!"

ISL presented various highlights for the polyurethane industry from their product range. First and foremost, colour pastes and reactive dyes for colouring polyurethane, soft PVC and epoxy resins (ISOPUR® and MOLTOPREN®) showed a wide range of application fields. The ISL ISOTHAN®-Coatings for PU mouldings offer great advantages due to their properties, depending on their customer requirements, as a 1 or 2-component coating, solvent or water based, for indoor and outdoor applications. RUNACOLOR® pigment preparations for coatings and surface refinements, as well as ISL additives for plastics (UV stabilisers, hydrolysis protection, anti-scorch and anti-yellowing, thermochromic colour pastes) completed the trade fair portfolio.

In collaboration with Rühl Puromer, ISL also presented a special fair exhibit. The theme was the technology: "Floods in tool," from the company Rühl, combined with ISL "Effect pigment paste." This was another highlight with a great show effect!

Collaboration and a joint trade fair presence are extremely valuable for ISL and Bomix. The mutual exhibit highlight - an instrument panel, from a collaboration project of Covestro, ISL, Bomix and Volkswagen – clearly underlined this fact.

The stand was visited by many international representatives, customers and interested parties, as well as foam partners. There were several opportunities to intensify existing contacts and create new business relationships. ISL and Bomix thus look back on a successful trade fair. The next event where ISL and Bomix will join the forces will be the upcoming UTECH Europe trade fair from April 13th-15th, 2021 at the MECC trade fair centre in Maastricht; with a significantly expanded stand area.

Bomix® Coatings – biocompatible and antimicrobial – specially developed for application in the fields of medicine and rehabilitation.

When it comes to the surfaces of technical products in environments with high standards of hygiene, special demands are placed on these with regards to their antimicrobial and biocompatible characteristics. Some examples are operating tables, the coatings of seats in laboratories, clinics and medical practices, as well as the armrests and leg rests of wheelchairs and other aids.

With its Bomix® Coatings and Bomix® Mould Coating systems, Bomix presents a new innovation when it comes to coating these parts: coating systems which are antimicrobial and biocompatible and which, at the same time, are not required to be registered as part of the Biocides Regulation – i.e. they are toxicologically harmless (without aluminium or silver compounds). The antimicrobial properties of these products permanently inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Thanks to their biocompatibility, cell division (e.g. when it comes to the healing of wounds) is not negatively affected in the case of skin contact.

Bomix® Coating systems are available as either solvent- or water-based 2C spray coating systems. What’s more, the Bomix® Coating systems can be configured and enhanced in accordance with customer wishes to include various design or colour effects or features – such as disinfectant resistance, conductivity, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, soft-feel and anti-slip effects.

Release agent innovations for the mobility/steering wheel sector – minimal cleaning re-quired thanks to easily-adhered products.

Steering wheels are premium parts made from integral skin polyurethane foam which, due to their area of application, need to meet very high standards when it comes to resistance and visuals.

The geometry of a steering wheel is something which is highly complex and diverse. Before being filled with the fluid polyurethane, a worker coats the moulds with a release agent “by hand”. This process can only be carried out automatically in very rare cases and where the steering wheel has a simple geometry. After the foaming process has been completed and the steering wheels have been removed from the moulds, they are extensively cleaned by release-active substances before an adhesive can be used to adhere the leather to the wheel as part of the subsequent leather trimming process. This cleaning process takes around 3-8 minutes—depending on the surface which needs to be covered with leather—and, in most cases, is carried out by hand using a great deal of (polishing) effort. Due to the rising demands on quality, increasingly larger sections of a steering wheel’s surface will be fitted out with leather in the future.

Together with one of the largest steering wheel manufacturers in the world, Bomix has developed a release agent which reduces the cleaning process for steering wheels by more than 80%—in many cases even eliminating it entirely.

The product is water-based and, in addition to its good adhesion to the surfaces of a steering wheel which are to be covered with leather, also provides a high-class finish on the visible polyurethane surfaces (areas of the steering wheel surface which are not covered with leather) which is in no way inferior to the Bomix release agents which have been used up until this point for premium OEMs (e.g. BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen) when it comes to gloss level (very matt surfaces) and stability (surface and colour stability).* What’s more, the product has been optimised by the Bomix release agent development team in such a way that the moulds do not need to be cleaned as often. This is because the product produces considerably lower amounts of build-up** in the mould.

Its compatibility with the customer’s most modern foam systems and premium In-Mould-Coatings is assured. What’s more, Bomix Chemie’s experience in the field of steering wheel release agents led to customers only having to make minimal adjustments to their processes—or none at all. This Bomix release agent will now be used in series production for various OEMs (including Audi, BMW, Daimler, FCA, Honda, Land Rover, Renault, PSA, Volkswagen), and adapted for additional steering wheel manufacturers and their factories.

Our customers in the steering wheel sector can now profit from our new USPs: adhesiveness, the lower amount of cleaning required, low consumption and great compatibility with foam systems.

*Types of release agents which allowed for easier adhesion did exist previously. However, due to bad surface quality, these could only be used for steering wheels which were completely covered with leather (not for visible polyurethane surfaces). What’s more, these products were partially solvent-based, something which is not particularly sustainable due to rising environmental standards.

**Build-up = deposits of the remains of release agents which are left in the mould during the manufacturing process

Bomix is leading by example.
UNICEF, Fair trade products and Berlac Group sponsoring.

Taking on responsibility for humans and the environment is not something which Bomix considers an obligation, but rather something which is matter of course. This is why, since 2012, the company has been involved in the “fair trade initiative” which is run by the town of Telgte. Bomix Chemie GmbH has been providing exclusively fair trade coffee for its employees since 2008.

To date, ‘fair’ products such as coffee, tea, chocolate and flowers have also been used as presents for employees and customers.

What’s more, since 2008, Bomix has been sending Christmas and New Year wishes to its customers and partners using cards from UNICEF, in keeping with the concept “donations instead of gifts”. Under the motto “a fair chance for every child”, UNICEF provides every third child worldwide with vaccinations, equips schools and campaigns politically—for child protection laws, for example.

As of this year, the Berlac Group—with its group companies Berlac AG, Weckerle Lacke, Bomix, ISL and Basler Lacke—is also an official sponsor of the Nordic Paraski Team Germany. In doing so, the Berlac Group has become an important pillar of support for the work carried out by the Deutscher Behindertensportverband [National Paralympic Committee Germany]. The professional association within the Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund [German Olympic Sports Confederation] (DOSB), which is responsible for sport for people with disabilities, simultaneously acts as the National Paralympic Committee (NPC).

You can find more information about sponsoring the Nordic Paraski Team Germany at and on the Bomix homepage

Doing good deeds promotes creativity, expands horizons and generates the momentum which prompts innovations at Bomix Chemie.

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