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1. - 4. Quarter 2016 (January - December)

Outstanding surface feel and visual appearance – silicon-free

For many PU-manufacturers, the use of silicon release agents is a real challenge. A silicon-free production is highly preferred or even mandatory. To meet the requirements of both, a silicon-free material achieving a high surface quality, Bomix is developing a novel class of release agents.

For many applications we already have release agents in our portfolio which meet these requirements – others are still a challenge. Targets are an ideal paint and glue ability after using our release agents. We will gladly advice you!

Stable grip – anti-slip coatings for contact surfaces

Bomix has established a product in the market which enables manufacturers, e.g. of seat surfaces, to achieve improved slip properties. The product provides a comfortable feel, and in addition, the friction coefficient is remarkably higher. Bomix anti-slip coatings can be obtained as a solvent- or water-based two-component-system. Please contact us for more information!

Mould cleaning agents – Sustainability and employee protection

Mould cleaning is a necessity, whichever PU-system and release agent (solvent- or water-based) is used. Many PU-processors seek alternatives to cleaning agents containing NMP or NEP. Here a reasonable balance between performance, price and hazard classification is needed.

Bomix Chemie GmbH has harnessed this challenge and we are now broadening our portfolio with new innovative products to fulfil these requirements. Test our new developments!

„Signed and Sealed (coating)“- Bomix develops copy protection for PU-parts

Original or fake? Many producers of high quality PU-parts are seeking a quick and easy detection technique to determine if the PU-product at hand is a high-quality original or a well-made copy.
Therefore Bomix is now developing a new coating to mark these original parts.

The coating formulation contains special ingredients which can be detected, worldwide, directly onsite and with little effort, just using a small – cell phone sized – device. Moreover, this product is suitable for forensic analysis.  In this way, Bomix offers a safe copy protection for your PU-parts. We are looking forward to implementing this feature into your process!

DESMA House Fair

On September 15th-16th, shoe manufacturers and suppliers met at the Desma House Fair in Achim near Bremen, Germany. Once more Bomix participated. This year, we presented our release agent and PU-paste solutions – together with our sister company ISL – at a joint booth where visitors showed a strong interest. The event was marked by exciting discussions, networking opportunities and the unique combination of competencies of the PU-shoe sector. We look forward to the next Desma House Fair in 2018!

K 2016

Together with Berlac AG, Berlac Mexico, Cetelon, ISL Chemie and Weckerle - Bomix Chemie GmbH - presented their new product solutions on a joint booth at the K-Fair Hall 07 / Booth-No. 71D20.

New and innovative product solutions in the field of mobility, health and life style were presented. Our exhibition highlights included the refinement of acoustic components, hydro release agent in the field of mobility and functional coating systems. Just like K2013, Bomix had an interesting cooperation project with the Covestro AG and Viebahn Systemtechnik GmbH in the field of IMC for viscoelastic foam. The visitors were impressed and once more, Bomix achieved a very positive trade fair success.

Bomix Customer Conference

From November 10th-11th, 2016 it was time again for our every 2 years Bomix Customer Conference. Once again we organised an exciting program for our customers and were pleased to present contributions from following well-known market partners:

·      Covestro AG

·      DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH

·      Hennecke GmbH & Co. KG

·      Tailorlux GmbH

During the conference, expert participants from various segments of the PU-industry had various options for broad and in-depth discussions. The combination of selected company contributions and expert guests made this event unique!

Review 2016

The year 2016 was a year with progress as well as changes. In addition to the reinforcement of the sales team and the winning of new partners, we were able to present our wide portfolio on the DESMA House exhibition and the K-Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Our customer conference helped us to integrate the needs of our customers even deeper in our development and our sales goals.

We look forward to facing new challenges and projects with you in 2017!


Laila Henriksen

Phone: +49 (0) 25 04/9 24-35