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3 Quarter 2014 (July – September) & 4 Quarter 2014 (October – December)

Successful synergies and communication within the Berlac Group

Within the Berlac group we continuously try to identify different areas of synergies. This year, in particular, the common Sales Meeting of the European members on September 11–12 at ISL Chemie and the Developer Meeting on November 13-14 at Bomix, were worth mentioning.

Sales Meeting

At the Sales Meeting on September 11-12 Top 3 applications, projects, and products of the respective companies (Berlac, Bomix, DeRem, ISL and Weckerle) were presented and common projects were initiated and coordinated. Moreover marketing-oriented actions for the next year were discussed, including exchanging information by means of a virtual cloud and upcoming united trade fairs - such as K2016.

Developer Meeting

The Developer Meeting on November 13-14 offered a specific setting for the interchange of raw materials, product management, innovations and product optimisations. Following companies participated in this event, managed by Willy Scheuchenpflug (CEO-Berlac Group):

  • ISL, Development topics: Conductive IMC and pastes, UV stabilised PU pastes

  • Berlac, Development topics: Glass coatings for various applications

  • Weckerle, Development topics: Improvement of the existing qualities for brake discs. Train: Adjustment of new fire protection standard

  • DeRem, Development topics: Further development of silicone pastes

  • Bomix, Development topics: Release agent: Refining and optimisation of the product range for the markets - Mobility (water based release agents) and Lifestyle (footwear). Coatings: Base coat (primer), motor cover and medical applications

After a lively dialog of the current development topics; common projects were initiated. In addition, current raw material difficulties were discussed and a coordinated action plan set.

A laboratory Information-Management-System used for implementation of statistical planning of experiments will be purchased for standardisation of the development efforts. Furthermore it is planned to introduce the Bosch LabSystem to simplify the trial series within the group.

Customer Conference, November 06-07

Bomix looks back on a successful customer event!

The event took place on November 06-07, and offered interesting insights into the world of the polyurethane material, surface refinement, machine technology and innovations and topped off the event with a creative evening.

The customers came from markets such as: Mobility (acoustics, interior and exterior), Lifestyle und Health. For the first time; Bomix offered interesting presentations from close market partners such as BASF, Fraunhofer Institute (IFAM) and Hennecke.

For more information about this event, kindly view our separate WEB Newsletter!

Surveillance audit, ISO 9001:2008

Bomix has passed its surveillance audit on August 21, successfully!

The one-day audit in the company was settled without any reason for objection. Once again, positive aspects were optimised business processes, a solid management system as well as high employee dedication and widespread know how.

The Surveillance audit provided the perfect frame for the preparations of the two-day re-certification 2015. The next re-certification audit will take place on 19. - 20.08.2015

The certificate is available at "download area" - valid from 14.10.12-13.10.15.

UTECH Asia, September 03-05

Beginning of September 2014 (September 03-05) Bomex and Bomix appeared together on UTECH Asia fair in Shanghai. Bomex was in this case the main exhibitor and Bomix, with three employees from Germany, provided support though out the fair within the areas: water based release agents (Bomix A-PU-Antiblock 7/B75-6/3) and specific coating applications (Bomix "One-For-All" Base coat and Bomix 'Feel' Resal).

In addition to the common three days on the fair; the corresponding future business opportunities with Bomex were explored and elicited. Here, focus therein was to identify synergies between Bomex and Bomix enabling both to be able to take better advantage of existing potential in the future. Here it should be noted that more and more European customers’ request of their supplier’s to have production options directly in China for the Chinese market. This request is now complied to through the cooperation with Bomex.

Bomix release agent expertise is firstly used for integral foam / steering wheels in particular. Further business opportunities for release agent applications will be within the segments: footwear, filter and cold cure foam.

Review of 2014, Prospects 2015

Bomix looks back on a successful year 2014 and an increase in turnover compared to 2013 was achieved.

The past year was also used to restructure internal workflows and tasks enabling Bomix to provide a significantly increased expert availability to our customers. In 2015, the technical competence within release agents as well as the coating area was expanded and optimised. To do this more intensively; we are looking for a new employee for the Technical Sales Team. Due to the internal reorganisation we have created the possibility to focus more on sales activities of larger projects, in order to serve Key Accounts more effectively.

The coming year will provide interesting challenges, where Bomix will hopefully transform already established projects in interesting niche markets into secure turnover.

Important events 2015 will, among other, be UTECH Europe in Maastricht (NL), where Bomix and ISL will be exhibiting together. Bomix will present following highlights: Release agents and Base coats (primer) for the Mobility market as well as functional Coatings (Post-coatings and IMC) for the markets: Aerospace, Lifestyle and Health. Finally, we look forward to this year’s Sales Partner Event end of the year all the more to strengthening and intensifying the cooperation with our global partners further on.

Main focus for Bomix 2015 will mainly be the segments: Mobility, Lifestyle and Health.

Laila Henriksen
Marketing & Sales

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