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High quality standards.

Due to optimal process coordination; we are able to respond quickly and reliably to our customer's requests. Our development cycles are extremely short and our quality standards are high. Since 1996 we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Beyond that we fulfil all requirements with regard to industrial safety and environmental legal specifications.

Action in spirit of Responsible Care - '”Safety and protection for the environment and human heath” are not a compulsory task but an essential objective for the Bomix. Since April 2012, the company participates in the "Responsible Care program” of Verbandes der Chemischen Industrie (VCI) - a supplement to the quality standard DIN ISO 9001:2015.

Sustainability Management.

As a chemical company we feel particularly obligated to the principal of Sustainability Management. In our corporate philosophy we consider aspects such as economic, ecological and social responsibility. We educate young people within technical and commercial areas and offer students from universities and colleges the chance to realize innovative ideas by Bomix. We provide good and safe conditions for our workers and promote their continuing education actively. We deal in a spirit of mutual confidence with our customers and partners; companies, that have given us their loyalty thoughout the years. The future of our company is secured though regular Capital Investments, e.g. in the expansion and modernisation of the production capacities. Development of alternative, environmentally friendly products is part of our ecological commitment. Our focus here is mainly placed on High Solid, solvent-free and water-based release agents, as well as water-based coatings.

Quality policy.

In context with our obligation to exercise entrepreneurial care and with regard to quality assurance and customer satisfaction; we define our quality policy in the QM manual. The QM manual is based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Essential elements of the norm requirement IATF 16949 are met for important customers in the automotive sector. Our quality policy is to offer our customers innovative, reliable and cost-effective products. The ultimate goal of our quality policy is to identify customer requirements and increase customer satisfaction.

Ensuring quality is a task for every employee. The employees ' jobs must be secured in the long term. Promoting quality awareness in all areas is a constant management task. Quality improvements must be a continuous process, planned and structured systematically and constantly monitored.

The production of high-quality products must be the top priority for all employees. The causes of faults need to be analysed and ways of eliminating them must be developed. The Quality Manager is responsible for planning, monitoring and correction of the quality management system. He is authorised and has the organisational freedom to identify QM problems, to propose measures and to monitor the implementation of these measures.


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